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Double award for COM.TEL at ZTE events

During the regional convention of ZTE Corporation, a global provider of products and services for telecommunications, COM.TEL, in addition to having distinguished itself as a preferred partner ZTE, has been awarded with two major awards.

Two stages: the first in Milan on 18th January at the Hotel Klima and the second in Marghera on 19th January at the Best Western Hotel. In addition to COM.TEL, the main Italian Telco providers took part in the convention.

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@COM.TEL VAP 5 stars: let’s hear @Tedeschi

COM.TEL is a Huawei Value Added Partner (VAP) who, in Enterprise Networking, has demonstrated that with the study and application it is possible to obtain the highest level of certification (5 stars). Because the business partnership with Huawei is not end in itself, but is closely linked to the ability of a Partner to know how to deliver services through certified technicians (hence the Certified Service Partner). This evaluation is done by Huawei by assigning the “stars” to a maximum score of 5.

We met in Rome Luca Tedeschi, Channel Service Manager Huawei EBG Italy, who in this short interview tells us about the Certified Service Partner 5 stars COM.TEL.

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Network Select Program 2017 #NSP17

For the third consecutive year COM.TEL has been selected by ALE as Business Partner for the Network Select Program (#NSP17), the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise program, which aims to promote and support the sale of Data Networking solutions through sales/pre-sales training and end customer activities. After the pre-sales workshops,  we organized on september in Vimercate and Rome the Blitz day, training session for our sales account. What are the key issues of the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Networking proposition presented during the workshop?

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Network Select Program 2017 Let’s Start

Also in 2017, COM.TEL was selected by ALE to participate in the Network Select Program (NSP), the didactic events program dedicated to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Data Networking solutions.

“The NSP is a fundamental program for the company, because it allows a constant technical update on ALE’s Data Networking solutions”, explains Stefano Bianchi Janetti, Head of Marketing & Enginering. “It also ensures a steady support from the vendor and a great team-of-mind play between sales and presales people in delivering Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions”.

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@Huawei Partner Advisory Board 2017 #Paris

After Barcelona, Lugano and Lisbon, this year the Huawei Partner Advisory Board (PAB), the annual congress dedicated to a small number of Partners, took place in the fascinating french capital.

“A constructive and important experience to identify the potential improvements of the vendor in business operations with a special focus on these three issues: pricing protection, delivery timing accuracy, and quality of training provided by the vendor” – summed up Vincenzo Cassese, CEO of COM.TEL who was invited to attend the round table of the event.

The IoT session and the Cloud workshop helped Huawei redefine the Go-to-Market model and set goals to continue to drive the industry.

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@COMTEL #Partner Event : the #Huawei sales strategies in @TIM

IMG_20161219_182455_resized_20170111_095650817What are strategies for 2017 implemented by COM.TEL for the sale of Huawei’s solutions in TIM? Partner Event which was held on December 19 in Cermenate with TIM and Huawei has been an excellent opportunity to explore this question.

“The synergy between COM.TEL, TIM and Huawei is very strong” – explains Fabio De Simone, Executive Account Manager at Huawei Technologies. “The area Medium Customer TIM (to which the event was aimed n.d.r) represents ample room growth for the Huawei Data Networking solutions”. Read more »

Workshop Sales TOP Academy @Fastweb

IMG_5225In the charming Franciacorta, where the mountain intersects with water surfaces and the plain gives ample space to the vineyards, was held on 12 July the last stage of the Workshop Sales Academy TOP Fastweb.

Exceptional location the famous Cantine Contadi Castaldi, who welcomed for the multivendor event, forty sales and pre-sales people of Fastweb belonging to area TOP Custumers of Onofrio Pecorella.

“Special thanks” – began Mattia Accounts, Sales Director COM.TEL – ” to our Business Partner Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Plantronics, Oracle, Huawei, AudioCodes and Braga Moro for the great success of this event”. Read more »

Network Select Program 2016 Let’s Start

IMG_5194Also in 2016 COM.TEL participates in the Select Network Program (NSP) of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, which started on April 21 with a training day dedicated to pre-sales at the Multimedia Communication Center in Vimercate.

The goal of the NSP program is to promote solutions of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Networking with the aim of increasing sales.

NSP provides various stages ranging from pre-sales and salespeople training , to the organization of an event for end customers and the implementation of a telemarketing campaign. COM.TEL also has at its disposal a demo kit to try out the Data Networking ALE solutions directly to customers. Read more »

Smart Working Let’s Start

IMG_5052A short title for a highly successful event in the royal location of the Villa Reale in Monza. This is the event “Smart Working Let’s Start” organized by COM.TEL, dedicated to TIM end customers, which was held on May 19 and has seen the participation of Technology Partners Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Plantronics.

Special guests attended the event. Starting from Fiorella Crespi, director of Smart Working Observatory of Politecnico di Milano, born in 2012 with the aim of studying the evolution in the way people work, serving as the reference point for the development of culture of innovation job models in optical Smart Working. Read more »

The Second Partner Convention of Huawei Italy

Collaborate for the Future: The Second Partner Convention of Huawei Italy


On November 30, 2015 Huawei Italy celebrated its second Partners Convention dedicated to its partners. The event which was attended by more than 100 partners and suppliers, has been an opportunity for Huawei to share the 2015 results and its strategy for 2016, presenting the Future Plans for the consolidation of its market position and to open a debate on what are the most effective strategies to achieve a sustainable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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