Let’s be #Ready To Start

On January 30th the #ReadyToStart event was held in Rome: an amazing workshop dedicated to the partners Stone, Ellysse and Plantronics in the innovative location of the @Stone Auditorium. Large participation in the event by the TIM salesforce of Private Large Accounts.

The themes of the workshop: Video Surveillance, Security, Contact Center and Smart Devices.

“The partnership between COM.TEL and Stone offers TIM a complete video surveillance and security package, across all types of companies”, explains Fabrizio De Luigi, Business Development Manager at STONE S.R.L. “The solution provides the installation of an Artificial Vision solution for existing TVCC systems, for recognizing very complex anomalies in automatic and in real time events. The alarms generated by the system will then be managed by the Control Room which, in the event of a real risk, will send emergency response patrols to the site. At the same time the data relating to the alarms will be “registered” and stored in the Cloud TIM”.

A cutting-edge solution in the field of physical security and automation.

For Contact Center solution, Ellysse has dealt with the theme of “WebRTC” technology, considered as the new engine of communications with Customer Services of every reality and sector. “Intelligent Customer Service equipped with Chatbot and Voicebot able to interact independently with users and last but not least Omnichannel, Telegram, Facebook and Skype are the new innovative contact channels integrated in the Contact Center platform Contatta by Ellysse, available both on-premises and in the cloud”, explains Marco Lunghini, Sales Director at Ellysse.

Myriam Gottschalk, Partner Account Manager of Plantronics, a Californian based company in Santa Cruz that since 1961 is a leader in the fields of audio communication, music, mobile hardware and gaming, introduces the Plantronics Manager Pro solution. “With Smart technology devices, Plantronics allows to optimize calls and offer clear conversations regardless of location or background noise. In addition, Plantronics Manager Pro, the new Web-based solution, allows IT professionals to easily and proactively manage the performance of Plantronics devices, and beyond, the entire company, allowing them to configure settings and update software and firmware of the audio devices. PMP uses a cloud-based architecture and provides predictive tools for creating reports that provide a new perspective on the communication environment”, concludes Myriam.

“COM.TEL, as a Business Partner of TIM, Stone, Ellysse and Plantronics”, says Adriano la Sorda, Competence Development Manager at COM.TEL, “is able to provide new tools for the sales force based on cutting-edge solutions, like those presented, which we have carefully selected and which have reached such a maturity, after years of experience in the relevant sectors, to be considered a market leader”.

“Everything in perfect harmony with the innovation process focused on high-value solutions for our customers’ business, taking into due account, all the possibilities of integration and development”, concludes Rosario Sorrentino, Area Manager Center of COM.TEL.

Let’s be ready to start!



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