Network Select Program 2016 Let’s Start

IMG_5194Also in 2016 COM.TEL participates in the Select Network Program (NSP) of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, which started on April 21 with a training day dedicated to pre-sales at the Multimedia Communication Center in Vimercate.

The goal of the NSP program is to promote solutions of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Networking with the aim of increasing sales.

NSP provides various stages ranging from pre-sales and salespeople training , to the organization of an event for end customers and the implementation of a telemarketing campaign. COM.TEL also has at its disposal a demo kit to try out the Data Networking ALE solutions directly to customers.

In July began the didactic training tour NSP dedicated to  COM.TEL salespeople and divided into two stages named Blitz Day.

The first Blitz Day, dedicated to the northen salespeople, was held last July 7 at the Multimedia Communication Center in Vimercate and has enjoyed great success with the presence of 18 salespeople. Mauro Rizzi, Sales Development Manager (Networks Division) of ALE, explained in detail the key issues of ALE with LAN switching products, wireless LAN and LAN Management, and the mode proposition to customers or prospects.

“The network is a key asset of any company”, says Mauro, “and it is for this reason that customers are prepared to invest for a better network that supports the increase in turnover, managing users, devices and applications. The ALE networking solution helps address these needs through automation, high reliability and easy deployment and configuration”.

Mattia Conti, Sales Director of COM.TEL, thinks that “the Network Select is an excellent opportunity for salespeople to know in detail the Data Networking ALE solutions and propose them to customers more effectively and awareness”.

The next meeting is scheduled on September 6th with Blitz Day dedicated to the southern salespeople.


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