The Second Partner Convention of Huawei Italy

Collaborate for the Future: The Second Partner Convention of Huawei Italy


On November 30, 2015 Huawei Italy celebrated its second Partners Convention dedicated to its partners. The event which was attended by more than 100 partners and suppliers, has been an opportunity for Huawei to share the 2015 results and its strategy for 2016, presenting the Future Plans for the consolidation of its market position and to open a debate on what are the most effective strategies to achieve a sustainable and mutually beneficial cooperation.

huawei2During the Convention, Huwaei celebrated the 10 best partners, whose contribution was instrumental in the development and Huawei’s success in its 11 years of presence in Italy.
Vincenzo Cassese, the CEO of Com.Tel, receiving the award said: “We are proud to have been awarded as a Golden Partner of Huawei. We have the full understanding of Huawei’s potential and we hope to reach many more results in the future”. Article on the website Huawei Italy


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