Monthly Archives: November 2017

@COM.TEL VAP 5 stars: let’s hear @Tedeschi

COM.TEL is a Huawei Value Added Partner (VAP) who, in Enterprise Networking, has demonstrated that with the study and application it is possible to obtain the highest level of certification (5 stars). Because the business partnership with Huawei is not end in itself, but is closely linked to the ability of a Partner to know how to deliver services through certified technicians (hence the Certified Service Partner). This evaluation is done by Huawei by assigning the “stars” to a maximum score of 5.

We met in Rome Luca Tedeschi, Channel Service Manager Huawei EBG Italy, who in this short interview tells us about the Certified Service Partner 5 stars COM.TEL.

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@COM.TEL partecipates into European TOP Partner Conference @SANGOMA

“We believe in our Top European Partner, Europe is a huge opportunity for Sangoma”, so Simon Horton, Director of Sales EU, opened the Sangoma European Conference dedicated to Top European Partners, which took place on 7th and 8th November at the Lane End Conference Center in the London countryside. Giulia Ramera, Marketing & Communication Manager @COM.TEL, during the event interviewed Euro Scrobogna, Director of Sales EU. Read more »