“A special fuel: passion”

“From the magical atmosphere of historic cars and motorcycles we take away with us the passion, an essential fuel to drive our companies in the transformation processes of the new millennium” says Andrea Zambrelli, Deputy Manager Private Emilia Nord, TIM Business & Top Clients, at the end of the event “TIM Integrated Communication” dedicated to our final customers.

The day, organized by COM.TEL and TIM, took place in Reggio Emilia on May the 18th in the evocative location “Ruote da Sogno” and involved the technological partners Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Ellysse and Audiocodes.

“The main purpose of this event was to lead our customers, leader companies in the Emilian entrepreneurial territory, towards the digitalization of business processes”, comments Andrea.

Following, we asked all the speakers, who took turns on the stage, to leave us their feedback on the day just ended.

“TIM is able to respond to the needs of flexible work with a suite of integrated IT solutions for Smart Working, thanks to TIM integrated broadband platform (Unified Communication and fixed and mobile convergence), realized by exploiting the potential of its Cloud and the state-of-the-art network infrastructure (broadband, ultrabroadband and LTE)”, says Francesco Baldereschi, Marketing Manager – Head of Unified Communications Solutions for Business Customers of TIM.

Paolo Ferretti, Technical Sales & Services Director of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, explained that “Nuvola IT Integrated Communication by ALE, that addressed through TIM, allows each company to be equipped with converging stations able to integrate the telephone, PC and smartphone to offer advanced collaboration features such as VoIP, chat, instant messaging, video communication and document sharing. Users can be connected anytime, anywhere, share information from anywhere and through any device for an optimal customer experience”.

Marco Lunghini, Sales Director of Ellysse, has the same opinion: “Exactly like it happens for cars and motorbikes, our Contact Center Software “Contatta” is evolved by the years adapting to generational and market trends, implementing new contact channels for a better customer experience. Which is the fuel? The “WebRTC” technology, that is considered the new engine of communications with the customer services of every kind of market; Chatbot and Voicebot, which are able to reduce the operations related to the IVR functionalities and waiting times, improving direct contacts with the users/customers; applications such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Live Chat are the new innovative Conversational Channels”.

“Digital transformation is touching every field”, says Claudio Chiesa, Country Manager Italy of AudioCodes. “In an evolutionary scenario in which we are moving from simple traditional telephony to Unified Communication and Multichannel, Audiocodes provides companies with state-of-the-art solutions for voice services that allow communication between heterogeneous infrastructures as if they speak the same language natively, to guarantee today and tomorrow “.

A special thanks to our Partners who have led us on a journey dedicated to the stages of the transformation of Communication: from the systems known to the new technologies available today. Let’s not forget the passion, the special fuel to face the new challenges that digital transformation reserves us!”, concludes Mattia Conti, Head of Enterprise Division of COM.TEL.


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