COM.TEL: Carrier Division tells its story

COM.TEL, the historic telecommunications company on the Italian market since 1992, is divided into two souls: Carrier Division and Enterprise Division. While the first was born in 2002 with the aim of providing telecommunications services to most of vendors and solution providers, the second one was founded in 2003 with the mission to commercialize, install and guarantee the maintenance, throughout the national territory, of converged voice, data and applications Alcatel-Lucent solutions.

Starting in 2009, other important technological partnerships were finalized in order to strengthened the leadership in the TLC national and international market.

After this brief introduction, let’s  discover better the strengths and structure of Carrier Division to meet needs and challenges of the market. Following we interviewed Andrea Conti, Head of Carrier Division at COM.TEL.

Good morning Andrea, who knows the Carrier division better than you. A brief mention of the story?

The structure relating to the Carrier Division was established at the end of 2002 thanks to the spin-off of the Alcatel Italia business unit “Installation of Transmission Equipment and Radio Bridges” and was completed at the beginning of 2006 with the acquisition of a further branch of Alcatel Italia company called “Technical assistance and testing of transport equipment”.

Let’s talk now about the Division. What do you do?

The Carrier Division provides telecommunications services to most vendors and national providers. In particular we have direct contracts with the main vendors (Nokia, Huawei, ZTE) and the main service providers (TIM, Vodafone, Wind3).

Let’s talk about the Division’s core business.

Our focus is on network transport, access, data, mobile and IP networks. We provide turnkey solutions: from installation to the testing of the equipment, to assistance and maintenance of all TLC networks modules for our main customers, vendors and service providers. Going into the details of the transport networks (DWDM, SDH and submarine cables), it is worth mentioning some of the most important case studies. First of all the realization of the projects of the Telecom and Vodafone 100 Giga network through the equipment 1830 TSS32. For the TIM core network we were the first to operate on the BetaDriver 7950, while on SDH we are specialized on OSNs from 550 to 1900. In the submarine cables sector we are leaders in the implementation of the Nokia 1621 Raman Pump. Last but not least, we created the 4G Vodafone network and the Wind network using Huawei devices.

Tell us about the strengths of the Carrier Division.

The majority of the team, about 140 people, is mainly technical and specialized in the main TLC technologies. The distribution of resources in the five company offices in Milan, Padua, Rome, Naples and Palermo, ensures the coverage of maintenance at national and international level, supporting the vendors in their operational supervision centers. Recently we have been involved in high quality interventions in the installation of submarine cable  equipment attestation in Malta, Libya and Dubai. This is to underline that background and expertise, together with the most advanced equipment, necessary to operate on complex new technologies (eg 100 Giga), confirm us among the leading companies in the sector.

What are the future projects of the Carrier Division?

To meet the challenges that the telecommunications market is giving us, we are investing our know-how in new activities including the development of mobile networks by creating synergies with the leading vendors in the market. We are also expanding our core business beyond our main specializations (transportation, access, data networks, mobile and IP), providing our expertise to support the Enterprise Division.

Thank you Andrea for the precious time and for the picture on Carrier Division, which has been operating in the TLC market for many years with the expertise and passion of a 140-resource team.


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