Digital revolution #PA: #Smart Working e #Smart Cities

SorrentinoThursday, April 28, 2016, in the aula “Leopoldo Massimilla” of the Naples University Federico II, was held the workshop: “The digital revolution in the PA “.

The workshop themes, addressed to the operators of the Public Administration of the Campania region, were processed through digitization experiences, presentation of technical issues in the context of Integrated Communications, Cloud Computing, Security, Smart Cities and Smart Working.

“COM.TEL is present at this important event dedicated to the PA as an ICT Solution Provider for public and private companies”, explained Vincenzo Della Monica, CTO of COM.TEL, in front an audience of 200 people. “We want to use our experience”, concludes Vincenzo, “in support of all that the IoT and Smart Working may lead to innovation in business models and operational procedures both public employees and the services offered to citizens”.

The process of digitization of the public administration proceedings is now irreversible, thanks to a number of legislative measures aimed at increasing the transparency and efficient relations between public authorities, citizens and businesses.

“It’s not secret that Italy on the digital lags behind the other European nations”, says Rosario Sorrentino, Sales Manager of COM.TEL. “However, this delay could be an opportunity in being able to grasp quickly the new technologies of Smart Working and Smart Cities simplifying the regulatory process of adoption”.


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