@Huawei Partner Advisory Board 2017 #Paris

After Barcelona, Lugano and Lisbon, this year the Huawei Partner Advisory Board (PAB), the annual congress dedicated to a small number of Partners, took place in the fascinating french capital.

“A constructive and important experience to identify the potential improvements of the vendor in business operations with a special focus on these three issues: pricing protection, delivery timing accuracy, and quality of training provided by the vendor” – summed up Vincenzo Cassese, CEO of COM.TEL who was invited to attend the round table of the event.

The IoT session and the Cloud workshop helped Huawei redefine the Go-to-Market model and set goals to continue to drive the industry.

“In such a crucial moment where companies are facing their digital transformation process, Huawei wants to team up to facilitate this transition and provide its customers with solutions tailored to their needs – said Monica Candiani, Senior Channel Manager Huawei Enterprise BG Italy. Huawei can now rely on an excellent network of certified partners and intends to focus on improving their skills to deliver the ultimate benefit to the end user and consolidate an industry ecosystem that paves the way for digitization”.

Appointment in Milan on June 8th for the event “Huawei Partner Summit 2017”


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