Network Select Program 2017 Let’s Start

Also in 2017, COM.TEL was selected by ALE to participate in the Network Select Program (NSP), the didactic events program dedicated to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Data Networking solutions.

“The NSP is a fundamental program for the company, because it allows a constant technical update on ALE’s Data Networking solutions”, explains Stefano Bianchi Janetti, Head of Marketing & Enginering. “It also ensures a steady support from the vendor and a great team-of-mind play between sales and presales people in delivering Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions”.

NSP provides various stages ranging from presales and sales training, to the organization of an event for end customers and the implementation of a telemarketing campaign. Additionally, ALE is releasing a Partner demo kit to give customers the opportunity to try the solutions free of charge.

On May 16th in Vimercate there was the first training stage dedicated to the COM.TEL presales with two exceptional speakers: Mauro Rizzi, Network Business Line Manager and Marco Piazzalunga, Networking Solution Architect.

“Network Select is a global sales development program dedicated to our best partners. Also this year, COM.TEL is one of the main actors in this program, which is limited to 32 partners worldwide. We are confident that we will have great results from mutual collaboration”, explains Mauro Rizzi.

“It’s also an opportunity to confront us with our top Partners and understand how the market could take on the introduction of new technology solutions and then possibly be able to tackle some aspects before their release. NSP is designed to have a dual opportunity for meeting and interchanging. Speaking of novelty, a second part of the year is very ‘hot’ for ALE. Among the innovations, I would like to mention the new OmniSwitch (the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise switch family), the new OmniAccess (access point) and a further evolution of the management, control and authentication platform for users and devices on the network: Omnivista2500 NMS. The OV2500 is therefore becoming more and more the true heart of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise solutions in the field of data-networking”, says the engineer Piazzalunga in the end-of-day interview.

Appointment in June with the Blitz Day dedicated to COM.TEL sales people.

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