The #DIGITAL Future: the 2018 event dedicated to the #final #costumers

In the great location of Villa Baiana in Franciacorta, was held on 25th October the #DIGITAL Future, the event organized by COM.TEL and ALE dedicated to our final customers.

The workshop represents the final stage of the ALE Channel Way program, which COM.TEL joined in 2018 with the aim of promoting and increasing sales of Voice, UC&C, Data Networking, on premises, Cloud and hybrid ALE solutions.

During the event The Future #DIGITAL we talked about how to deal with the reality of the digital transformation through the use of the right key technology to enhance the experience of connected customers, increase employee efficiency and speed decision making of IT Manager. What do we expect in the near future? We asked the following event speakers tell us about their vision.

“The occasion of the approach of Alcatel’s 100-year foundation, now Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE), has allowed us to see how telecommunications have supported man in his continuous evolution, both economic and industrial”, says Marco Piazzalunga, Networking Solution Architect at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. “Now, the needs have definitely changed and seeing an analogue phone makes us smile. However, thanks to our history and its continuous evolution, we can now offer new solutions, such as our UC&C platforms, OpenTouch on premise and Rainbow in the cloud “. Also of the same opinion Stefano Liguori, Solution Architect of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise: “OpenTouch manages business communications and combines traditional telephony with new VoIP (Voice Over IP) solutions with terminals and applications capable of integrating into a single IM interface, Presence, Web, Audio and Video Conference. A whole range of native solutions for automatic call handling (Visual Automated Attendant), Contact Center (OTCC SE) and professional voice recording (OmniPCX Recording).

During the workshop Francesca Sammali, Solution Architect of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, explained in detail the new ALE platform based on Rainbow cloud, emphasizing the benefits: “Rainbow is not just a social network, a collaboration tool, but a fully integrated application in the corporate communication system that adds the true concept of on-site and off-site mobility thanks to the OneNumber option. Can be integrated into apps and websites created ad hoc, enabling new added-value services delivered by the Cloud (CPaaS)”.

“The evolution of the Communications segment”, Marco continues, “is added to new products and services also in data-networking, where connectivity is no longer one of the characteristic points of an apparatus, but we also focus on bandwidth capacity, resource virtualization (Virtual-Chassis, VXLAN) and ‘Application-filtering’. The whole world of connected devices is part of the intelligent management of network traffic that goes under the inflated acronym of IoT (Internet-of-Thing). Here, during our meeting, we have seen how security is one of the most important points and the network must increasingly take into consideration. “The IoT-Contaiment” of ALE is already a first and important step for the virtualization of the network in terms of management and containment of smart devices in virtual networks dedicated to them, creating silos that safeguard the rest of the network”.

What do we expect in the next future? “The integration between Voice and data is well established, but we will have a continuous evolution also in the service world. In the coming months we will see how the Rainbow platform will able to interface with the services of indoor location, known as LBS (Location-Base Service) and then drive, for example, the user who has to make an air travel from the parking lot to the appropriate gate, with the possibility of being contacted directly by the airline in case of delay, or to be able to make purchases at the airport thanks to coupons and profiling promotions, and, on return, to recover the parked car”, concludes Marco.


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