The power of Connections

There is an incredible power that drives our work. It does not travel by cable or use networks Wi-Fi 6. It is the strength that comes from the connections between people, from the ability to listen, compare and collaborate. By working together you can be more innovative and competitive. Hence the claim “The Power of Connections” which characterized the two days of the COM.TEL Sales Kick Off, which were held on 18th and 19th February in Maranello.

“The power of connections” is the engine that moves everything: together with our strategic partners we have achieved important results in 2019, together we will reach new goals.

The ICT market is constantly evolving, what are the new business opportunities?

“We are experiencing a market transformation that only happens once in a generation”, explains Giorgio Marchini, COM.TEL Process and Marketing development. “Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things have generated a wave of innovation that is unprecedented in the history of the IT market in terms of speed, breadth and depth”.

“Despite the signs of the general political and economic context”, continues Giorgio, “the Italian ICT market is healthy and growing, closing 2019 with a turnover that exceeded 31 billion euros, an increase of over 2 % compared to 2018. The estimates confirm that this trend will continue for the next few years, with a marked shift in the investments of companies from a more traditional ICT (focused on maintaining the infrastructure) towards innovative solutions and technologies, with high added value, to support for Digital Transformation projects”.

“The digitalization of companies has definitely started. But most of them are still at the beginning of the transformation process, “concludes Giorgio. “The opportunity to support them in the definition phase of their digitalization strategy, and therefore to direct their technological choices, is a key element for COM.TEL to successfully ride the digital wave”.

What is COM.TEL’s goal for 2020 in this journey full of challenges and opportunities?

“The market is proving to be ready for Cloud services,” says Adriano La Sorda, Marketing and New Competence Manager of COM.TEL. “Innovative elements, such as artificial intelligence, have entered our homes and can legitimately also be part of the” business “world. We are in the midst of a phase of profound changing that requires adjustments from many points of view. COM.TEL will focus on the evolution from “System Integrator” to “Cloud Service Integrator”, with particular attention to the creation of new added value, also in the software application field. Collaboration, IT infrastructures, IoT and AI will be only part of the new identity of COM.TEL, necessarily based on the “strength of the connections”, concludes Adriano.

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