UCC and IoT: ALE and the 2018 strategy at Kick Off COM.TEL

On 21st and 22nd February took place the 2018 KickOff COM.TEL in the suggestive location Palazzo di Varignana. An interesting moment of sharing with our technological partners to go deep in Communications, Networking, IT and SMART solutions with a single common denominator “Flying around the ICT World”.

We asked all the speakers to give us their 2018 Company vision and to place the solutions presented in an increasingly challenging market, more and more IoT oriented.

Marco Pasculli, VP Head of Communications Business Engine at ALE, talked about “Rainbow” cloud solution defining it a real “relationship machine” able to allow interactive relationships between people, things and applications.

“With Rainbow, we have the incredible opportunity to offer to Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise customers an unprecedented transformation path through the adoption of UCC services  (UCaaS) in the cloud and the integration of UC functions within the online business applications (CPaaS) “, Marco said.

Gianluigi Cassago, Solution Architect Networking at ALE, presented ALE Data Networking solutions introducing the new application in cloud for the proactive  life cycle management of the LAN and WiFi network infrastructure.

“ALE’s Data Networking solutions supports companies’ digital transformation with dedicated mobility and IoT features. Innovative technologies and cloud applications enriching your communication digital experience”, concludes Gianluigi.

Let’s Fly around the ICT world!


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