Core Business Value added services

Tailored solutions.

The solutions for large customers are not produced in series; they are customized. Following this guiding principle, COM.TEL has organized its service area in a dynamic and innovative approach, illustrating it around the customer. The COM.TEL approach to services was inspired by the ITIL standard, the most widely used method in the world for IT Service Management. ITIL®, considered as the de facto standard for IT Management, is a cohesive set of best practices internationally developed in both the public and private sectors.

Carrier Services

Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance for the major Italian operators of telecommunications networks, on their infrastructure networks, systems, coveted for Mobile Radio, Transport Networks PDH, SDH and DWDM, Access and Bridges Radio Networks with a capillary structure that can ensure interventions within the contractual SLA in addition to the availability 24 hours a day for any kind of emergency.

Enterprise Services

Design, provision of Professional Services, Installation, Testing and Maintenance for VoIP networks, Virtual PBX, Contact Centres, Networking, Audio / Video and Cabling. The services are conveyed to the end customer through the following operating units:

  • Delivery: is responsible for the process of planning, installation, configuration and commissioning of the infrastructure required by customers, in compliance with the above aim of customer satisfaction;
  • Top Customer project: is responsible for the management of complex projects with the objective of organizing the teams allocated to the project, in accordance with the above aim of customer satisfaction. The Top Customer Project function, throughout the Service Managers, also has the supplementary task of running out the technical report and the development of large customers;
  • Customer Care: performs the entry point and contact with all the company’s customers. In particular, in addition to ensuring the basic technical assistance (such as product replacement services, remote diagnosis, fault management, on-site intervention, time and material intervention and subcontractors support) provides the specialized support and service of Network Operations Centre.

Facility Management

Management, Maintenance and Adjustment of Industrial Technological Systems, Power Supplies, Infrastructure construction for Fixed and Mobile Network stations (SRB). In such activities are included the civilian and industrial operations involving expansions or structural changes, such as plant implementations, Direct Current / Alternating Current works, works on air conditioning systems, installation projects, relocation of building structures, improvements to the civil works, etc. ., with the Energy Saving objective. Also included the overhead works for metal products (towers, poles, passive repeaters and containers) such as fall arrest systems control (Soll, Faba, etc.), SOV facilities, as well as installations and fire prevention equipment control.

The activities provided to customers are made with a view to continuous improvement, ensuring the Total Customer Satisfaction through precise and unanimous functional process.